We are not going to save the planet by taking shorter showers

We need to change the system. Volunteering for existing projects that help save the planet is a great way to do this, as you're contributing to the impact of a bigger operation.

Create a website for a grassroots group that fights deforestation, help a sustainable clothing initiative with marketing, or create the branding for a climate news site; by helping others you're helping the planet. That's why Jointly exists: a platform that helps people find non-profit projects that help save the planet. Check out the current open projects here.

Our story

In the timeline below, you can read the Jointly story written by Jointly founder Douwe; from where it started to where we are now.


After I became increasingly aware of the climate crisis, I wanted to use my skills as a graphic designer to help save the planet. To my surprise, finding a non-profit that needed my help was harder than I envisioned.

Some online volunteering platforms existed, but they mostly had social projects for bigger US-based non-profits. I was looking for a small environmental movement no matter the location. That's why I started building Jointly.

Douwe van Schie - Founder
June 2020

Jointly as we know it now is launched. One day after the launch, Alexander sends an email saying he found us via a non-profit he volunteered for and had the same idea. That's when our collaboration started. We improved the website, got some projects in, and made the first succesful connections!

Alexander binderer - Coordinator - Operations
December 2020

We posted a call for team members, as there were too many unexplored opportunities. That's when Amber, Raisa, and Cheryl joined the team. With this new manpower, we got many new projects in. We also started a book club, managed by María José.

Cheryl Kara - Outreach - UXRaisa Huq - PartnershipsAmber Hall - ContentMaría José Ternero - Book Club Lead
March 2021

With many new projects online, we realised many things within Jointly needed to be upgraded. Cheryl started building a database including many automations with support of Douwe and Alexander. Theresa and Karlijn joined the team, with the goal of Jointly reaching more volunteers.

Theresa Weber - Social MediaKarlijn Coenen - Partnerships
May 2021

Three new people joined the team. David will look into funding possibilities, Mary Rose takes over the book club from María José, and Forrest will work on a new content project!

Our values

Restoring the Planet
We put our planet above financial gain and organisational growth
Embracing equality
We believe in equality and colourful approaches to life
No money
We will never work with an algorithm that favours paid users
We are convinced that giving your resources or time for a good cause brings fulfilment.

Complete transparancy
We will make this journey as transparent as possible