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New: the Jointly community

Previously on Jointly, volunteers could only respond to projects posted by environmental non-profits. From now on, anyone who is willing to use their time for a better world can join our community! Submit your information, we create a profile, environmental non-profits can contact you through this profile whenever they need assistance!

How does it work?

To join the community, we ask you to fill in the following information: skills, language(s), bio, skill description, and a few personal details. It just takes five minutes, you can do this here!

We will receive this information directly into our team inbox and will convert it into a profile. This profile will be uploaded on our community page within 24 hours on weekdays! Below you can find my own profile as an example. Click on the 'read more' button to discover the complete profile.

Douwe van Schie

UX- and Graphic Design
English, Dutch

I created this website, the Jointly platform, in Webflow. As a designer, I am familiar with most of the Adobe Creative Cloud software: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, XD, Premiere, and After Effects. In the past, I mostly made visuals for online campaigns, short flat design animations, logos, websites (design and wireframes), and corporate identities. I have experience in building websites, I built this platform with Webflow and have experience with drag and drop themes in Wordpress. Next to this, I like to give general (website) advice on ideas/concepts/initiatives.

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Through this profile, environmental non-profits can contact you, you will receive these messages directly at the email address you gave us when joining the community. We check every initiative manually to make sure it is a non-profit which helps to restore the earth.

An update on Jointly

In the next few weeks, we will concentrate on expanding the community and bringing it under the attention of environmental non-profits around the globe. The more people that are aware of Jointly, the bigger the chance that people will find a match.

For this, we started some marketing activities. We can surely use some help with this, check our marketing project  for more information! As we are getting a lot of things started, anyone who is enthusiastic about Jointly is welcome to help us in reaching our mission to connect the environmental movement.  Just send an email to with your motivation!
Join the community!

Douwe van Schie

Creator Jointly