About Reading Jointly: Our Environmental Book Club
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About Reading Jointly: Our Environmental Book Club

A book is a masterful tool. Functionally, books link us to information, and through form, books link our beings. Reading is the closest thing I know to being inside another human’s mind, and such connective technology is in our best interest to include in an increasingly online world.

That’s why our Reading Jointly Book Club belongs in this space and strengthens Jointly as an international connector, the grassroots way. 

Not a reader?

Before I was large enough to leave my house, books expanded my thinking to a global scale and taught me the most important truths I hold about humanity, so reading a book is as natural to me as drinking a glass of water.  But there are almost 8 billion of us on this planet, and we were all introduced to the world uniquely—in many cases, not through reading. 

Each of us comes to Jointly from a different background, too. That’s what makes Jointly, well, Jointly. Whatever your background—STEM, sales and marketing, design, analytics, or anything else under the stratosphere, you come here for a common purpose. You are someone who cares about living better for this planet, and you’re ready to prove it through your volunteered skills, talents, and time. 

Reading Jointly bridges gaps and builds community

The Reading Jointly Book Club is an invitation to deepen your volunteer experience for a better return on your investment of dedication. Reading environmental books grows your understanding so that you can learn how to live better for our planet. Discussing environmental books introduces you to quality relationships with diverse, multilingual people who are excited to share and achieve a common goal. Together, participating in Reading Jointly guides environmentalism into your lifestyle, naturally. 

Have fun reading your way to being better

Let’s face the facts: environmental books are not the most widely-read or top-selling in the market. Their topics can be dense or dry, making environmental books difficult to break into if you aren’t already steeped in an environmental career. For several years, I browsed their covers in bookstores but was too intimidated to commit despite being someone who loves nature. (Put me outside and I’m happy, but don’t count on me to tell you which mushroom will grant you proteinous sustenance or kill you on the spot.)

But as soon as I joined this book club, I quickly discovered that every book welcomed me to the writer’s environmental passion—a passion so big that the author had to write a whole book about it. That energy is infectious, but more importantly, highly needed. The purpose of Reading Jointly is to make it easy and fun for you to bridge the gap between wherever you are now and your more environmentally-connected future. 

About Reading Jointly: Our Environmental Book Club

Mary Rose Bernal

Book Club Lead | Content
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