Connecting Data Science Volunteers with a Tree-Tracking Initiative
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dec 14, 2020

Connecting Remote Data Science Volunteers with a Tree-Tracking Initiative

At Jointly, our mission is to connect skill-based volunteers with non-profits for remote volunteering projects. A recent successful connection made through our platform was between Greenstand, a tech start-up focused on transparency in reforestation, and three data scientists willing to volunteer their time.

Greenstand’s work

Greenstand aims to address poverty and climate change while bringing transparency to tree planting.  The organisation is run by a team of remote, interdisciplinary volunteers including coders, UX designers, and communications specialists. 

Greenstand enables the ongoing monitoring of individually planted trees through sophisticated machine learning technology that allows organisations and donors to offset their ecological impact on a per-tree basis. This system also provides a sustainable and ecologically beneficial source of income to areas of the world affected by poverty. Tree farmers are compensated for supporting reforestation through the exchange of digital tokens, representing the carbon offset afforded by the growth of trees.

Using Jointly

Shubhom Bhattacharya is the lead data scientist at Greenstand, who came across Jointly when looking for additional remote volunteers. “I came across Jointly on a Reddit post!” shares Shubhom. He was in search of data scientists and engineers to assist on a species identification task for newly planted tree seedlings.

When asked about the process of getting in touch with volunteers on Jointly, Shubhom says: “It was quite straightforward. The volunteers’ applications were forwarded to me, and then I was able to schedule a call to discuss the project.” On connecting with volunteers remotely, he shares that: “Remote volunteers are particularly useful for us because we are an open-source project, so we are well-equipped for a remote-first volunteering approach.”

There’s still a need for more remote data scientists and engineers to help with Greenstand’s work. “We are at an exciting phase of the project with many new trees being tracked on our platform, and we are working to build out our machine learning infrastructure and continue refining algorithms to improve the platform,” says Shubhom.

It’s possible to take action from home, connecting with other passionate people from all around the globe. In this digital age, we can all help restore our home planet together.

Are you part of a non-profit initiative that could use some talented skill-based volunteers? Email our outreach coordinator Cheryl. We would love to see what Jointly can do for you!

Connecting Data Science Volunteers with a Tree-Tracking Initiative

Amber Hall

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