6 documentaries raising awareness for environmental problems
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jun 23, 2020

6 documentaries raising awareness for environmental problems

There are many documentaries that make complex environmental problems accessible to us as viewers. Below you can find six environmental documentaries that highlight a part of the environmental crisis we are living in at the moment. They all have an excellent score on IMDB with the lowest getting a 7.7 and we can all recommend them personally!

1. Chasing Coral (2017)

Coral reefs around the world are vanishing at an unprecedented rate. In this documentary, you follow a team of photographers and scientists who are capturing massive coral bleaching events all over the world.

Sometimes the effects of climate change are not that visible, as it's a relatively slow process, but the footage shown in Chasing Coral shows the devastating effects climate change has on the earth right now. While the footage can be experienced as a bit depressing, it can also be a great wake up call or reminder of what we are fighting for.

2. The True Cost (2015)

This documentary shines a light on the many negative effects of the garment industry. It talks about how humanity consumes an absurd amount of clothing every year, how the rights of the workers get violated, and the massive impact that it has on the environment.

3. Cowspiracy: the sustainability secret (2014)

After starting with the discovery that big environmental organisations as Greenpeace do not talk about the huge impact of animal agriculture on the environment, this film completely exposes the negative effects of  animal agriculture on the environment.

There has been some controversy around the facts given in this documentary. For example, the Union of Concerned Scientists has disputed the film's assertion that the majority of greenhouse gases driving climate change are produced by animal agriculture, research proves that fossil fuel emissions are the biggest troublemaker.

Nevertheless, it is a great documentary that does some shocking discoveries about  animal agriculture. Do you have friends that are environmentally conscious but still consume meat? This film pulled a lot of people into vegetarianism!

4. A Plastic Ocean (2016)

This documentary investigates the environmental impact of plastic pollution. It talks about the devastating effects of microplastics, it shows that animals are mistakes plastic for food, and shows how humans have to live amidst huge piles of plastic. You will see some shocking images, for example huge amounts of plastic laying on the bottom of the ocean or dead birds with a stomach full of plastic.

5. Gasland (2010)

In 2008, documentary maker Josh Fox got a letter from a natural gas company offering $100.000 to lease his property to drill for natural gas. This started Fox's investigation to see how communities are being affected by the natural gas drilling boom. He meets people with chronic health problems which are directly traceable to contamination of their water and air.

6. Before the Flood (2016)

In this documentary, Leonardo DiCaprio travels across the globe to witness the effects of climate change. It focusses on our fossil-fuel addiction, climate change denial, lobbyism, and US politics.

6 documentaries raising awareness for environmental problems

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