Jointly Joins Forces with Re-nourish!
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1 jun, 2021

Jointly joins forces with Re-nourish

Many creatives want to apply their skills, passions, and talents to good use to help fight our climate crisis and make it a bit more fair and equitable for life on Earth. Unfortunately, it's a bit of a challenge to find a matching group to help, and also, many times, those same creatives need a bit more guidance on how to design sustainably once volunteering to help a non-profit.

This is where and Re-nourish found an opportunity to partner up to share two platforms with creatives that allow them to locate an environmental non-profit to work with and the open-source tools, strategies, and resources to help them create sustainability to match the non-profit's mission.

So, it's easy now to jump on to Jointly, find a worthy organization to help, and then use Re-nourish's tools, strategies, and resources to design sustainably for the sake of us and our planet.


Since 2006, Re-nourish has provided online tools advocating awareness & action for systems thinking in the communication design community. Eric and Yvette started Re-nourish after they found it challenging to locate the sustainable design resources they needed on an easy-to-access and all-in-one platform online.

Since 2019, has been matching designers with non-profit organizations who need creative help to forge forward with their mission to help our planet. Founder Douwe van Schie started Jointly after he became more acutely aware of the issues facing humanity and planet Earth. He reached out to environmental non-profits to offer his help, and in the process, realized there needs to be a platform to assist more designers who wanted to do the same.

Jointly Joins Forces with Re-nourish!

Douwe van Schie

Founder | Designer | Operations
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