Join our team: we are looking for country leads!
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aug 26, 2020

Join our team: we are looking for country leads!

We are expanding the Jointly team with a close team of Country Leads: individuals that represent Jointly in their country. Below, we give you more information on why we are expanding, what it means to be a country lead, and how you can apply!

Why we are looking for Country Leads

Alexander Binderer from Germany and Douwe van Schie from The Netherlands. Both are working hard to expand Jointly's reach and improve the functionality of the platform to create more meaningful matches between volunteers and environmental non-profits. Our goal is to connect online volunteers with environmental initiatives. Especially smaller local non-profits that don't have a lot of resources, as often these need help the most.

But we find it hard to get in touch with these initiatives. Either because they have no online presence, we can't find their initiative as we can't read their language, or we can't effectively communicate because of the language barrier. Next to this, environmental activism looks completely different around the world.

This is why we decided to find individuals that are motivated to make a change and want to help initiatives in their respective countries.

What being a Country Lead means

If you live in Portugal or speak Portuguese, you qualify to be the Country Leader for Portugal. If you live in Kenya and know English and Swahili, you qualify to be the Country Leader for Kenya.

You will contact environmental non-profit initiatives in your country to see if they can use help from online volunteers. People that help them with fundraising, marketing, IT, or anything that they don't have the knowledge or resources to solve themselves. You will also activate your network to join our community and see if you can find partnerships with other non-profits. We estimate that this will take 8-16 hours a month

This all is easier said than done, that's why we will help you as much as possible. You will get a personal Jointly email address and a spot on our team page. We will provide you with marketing material, standard emails and texts that you use and translate if necessary, we will always be available for possible questions, and we will host a monthly video call with all Jointly's Country Leaders to keep you up to date about Jointly's progress, talk about our successes and challenges, and ask feedback from the country leaders.

We are looking for motivated individuals that want to use their time to create a positive impact on the world. Being well connected within environmental activism is a pro. This all is also new for us. That's why we will be very receiving of new ideas, plans, strategies, or anything that can help us in reaching our mission: to help as much as environmental NGO's as possible and create a better world.

You can apply by sending an email to!

Join our team: we are looking for country leads!