Meet the Jointly team!
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jan 3, 2020

Meet the Jointly team!

The work we do is made possible by a team of motivated environmentalists. We recently welcomed some great new members, and thought it was time to introduce them to you all!

Cheryl Kara
Outreach and UX

Are you a non-profit looking to post a project on our platform? Contact Cheryl, our outreach specialist. Alongside outreach, Cheryl's also working on making our website more and more user-friendly with her UX skills.

"I work professionally in the music industry and am currently a music supervisor for film as well as a music business consultant for artists. Working in the industry has shown me how much of the entertainment industry continues to rely on carbon-intensive methods of conducting business, especially regarding logistics and shipping.

My passion for environmental issues runs deep and has been an area of concern for as long as I can remember. Having studied philosophy at both Bachelor’s and Master’s level, I specialised in Environmental Ethics and am dedicated to finding solutions to combat the climate crisis. I am especially interested in the decarbonisation of the music industry, and am a proponent of gamification solutions that utilise behavioural economics and effective altruism principles to help us achieve our environmental goals as fast as possible.

On the side, I am studying front-end web development and am interested in UX. I believe that tech solutions will become a crucial component of any real solution to the climate crisis, and am eager to help businesses speed up the digital transition for the betterment of both people and planet."

Raisa Huq
Marketing and communications

In the past, we struggled to prioritise marketing as we were kept busy with maintaining the platform. Luckily we managed to get Raisa on our team! If, in the near-future, you see great social media posts or blogs from us, there's a big chance that it's a result of her work!

"I work professionally at a media agency, which has shown me the power of interconnected communications/marketing strategies. I was hooked when I first came across Jointly as there are so many untapped opportunities to connect volunteers with environmental nonprofits across the world! Anyone can now contribute to tackling a myriad of environmental issues, becoming advocates for the planet through volunteering. My main role at Jointly is to ensure & implement a strong communications strategy to smoothly gain and connect volunteers with organisations.

My passion for environmentalism has always run deep, with my fondest memories being exploring the wilderness & feeling humbled by all the life around! I am especially interested in grassroots initiatives, and bringing a diverse coalition of people together in their local communities."

Amber Hall

After realising we needed some extra hands and brains for Jointly content, we checked if we could find a suitable volunteer in our community. Amber was the perfect candidate and turned out to be more than happy to work with us! In addition to writing website copy, Amber also writes lots of entries for our journal page.

"I am a writer based in Brisbane, Australia. I work in marketing and am interested in using social media and digital communication to educate people about sustainability. I enjoy traveling, reading, and going to see live music.

My journey with environmentalism began by making small individual lifestyle changes like altering my diet and quitting fast fashion. More recently, however, I’ve become interested in using my skills and hobbies to help organizations that are making positive changes for our world."

Alex Binderer
Coordinator and operations

The day that the community feature of Jointly was launched, Alex messaged us saying he was eager to help. One Zoom meeting with Douwe later and he was officially the first team member of Jointly! At the moment, Alex's focus is on our team and making sure that Jointly itself is functioning well.

"Since my childhood I’m dedicated to music so after studying music I became a freelance composer and sound designer. After years of seeing the immense issues that the world is facing and struggling to find my way of becoming active I stumbled upon Jointly and was immediately hooked with the idea that people could use their knowledge for a better world. This was a place where I could use my existing skillset and put it to good use. Convinced of the idea I decided to join the team and I’m since then working as a coordinator for Jointly trying to create a good flow for the team.

In my free time I’m also working on becoming active in the field of reforestation as a solution to many of the worlds problems. After a super intense experience fighting fires with a NGO in Borneo’s rainforests, that are set to clear land for palm oil plantations, I have found a place where I want to help in the future."

Douwe van Schie
Founder, designer, and operations

Last but not least, Jointly founder Douwe currently does a bit of everything within Jointly. From our graphic design to blogposts to uploading new projects and community members, and overall keeping the website up to date.

"In the last few years, I became increasingly aware of the state of our home planet. To help restore the planet, I decided to devote time volunteering with my graphic design skills. After emailing quite a few environmental non-profits, offering my work for free, I finally found an initiative that needed my skills. But I felt that this process should have been easier. I wondered why couldn't I find a website that made it easy for me to connect with an environmental non-profit? So I decided to create it myself, that's how Jointly came to be.

My main role at Jointly is making sure everything runs smoothly: improve the platform, administrative work, coordinating the team, et cetera. Next to this, I am also responsible for the website and design. Writing is something I like to do in my free time, so sometimes you will see a piece written by me on the journal page."

Want to join our team? Check our team page for more information!

Meet the Jointly team!

Alexander Binderer

Coordinator | Operations
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