Overview: 3 new projects posted in May
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30 may, 2021

Overview: 3 new projects posted in May

In May, 3 new projects were posted on Jointly. Here's a list of the projects, categorized per non-profit with a quick explanation of their cause. Interested? Click the link and fill in the form on the project page!

Climate Art

Climate Art is a UK-based interdisciplinary public art platform focused on climate change. It aims to bring together community groups, artists, and researchers in joint action against the climate crisis. This spring, Climate Art launched its first residency programme - A Vanished Sea (Without a Trace). It provided three multidisciplinary artists with an opportunity to spend three months in Rye (on the East Sussex coast).

Their work over this residency reflects on the theme of transience, helping us connect to the changing world around us and imagine pathways to greener futures. Their projects will be presented to the public in June 2021.

Climate Art has the following project open:

E&U For The Climate

E&U For The Climate is an environmental youth-led initiative. Their mission is built on three pillars bridging inclusive sustainability, environmental action, and global justice. In the face of the threathening nature of the environmental crisis, they hope to catalyse solutions for positive change.

Their first pillar is to empower the individual agent of change, the next is to translate words into action, the last is to reframe the climate crisis as a justice and human rights issue. They are looking for:

Overview: 3 new projects posted in May

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