Overview: 10 new projects posted in June
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1 july, 2021

Overview: 10 new projects posted in June

In June, 10 new projects were posted on Jointly. Here's a list of the projects, categorized per non-profit with a quick explanation of their cause. Interested? Click the link and fill in the form on the project page!

Fashion Act Now

Fashion Act Now is an independent campaign group of fashion insiders calling for environmental justice within the fashion industry. They believe this requires a crisis response encompassing degrowth, decolonisation and a just transition of jobs. Fashion Act Now has evolved out of Extinction Rebellion, specifically its Boycott Fashion campaign. They support and work collaboratively with Extinction Rebellion and its Fashion Action groups.

Open projects:


Greenstand is a U.S.-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization developing open-source technology to address climate change and alleviate poverty through digitizing environmental goods and services. Our Treetracker app verifies and tracks individual trees, thus creating transparency in the reforestation sphere. Organizations and donors can locate individual trees and trade their ecological impact. By facilitating the ownership of trees and their ecological services, Greenstand allows for tree-growing organizations to stay accountable.

Open project:

Network For Sustainable Solutions

Network for Sustainable Solutions is a start-up organization working to create a mutual aid network centered around sustainability solutions within Middle Tennessee. Volunteers will be responsible for a variety of operational tasks in support of this mission. We are seeking volunteers to help manage our social media campaigns, marketing, and engagement, as well asa data researcher who will find organizations across Tennessee to add to our online Directory.

Open projects:

One Resilient Earth

One Resilient Earth’s mission is to grow the resilience of individuals, organizations, and communities to the impacts of climate change, so that they can retain their agency despite climate instability, and are fully equipped to respond to the crisis through transformation and regeneration.

Open projects:

Climate Arts Foundation

Climate Arts Foundation isa non-profit seeking to create participatory and public art works of integrity, surprise and impact, working in collaboration with educators, artists and communities. They value local voices, genuine collaboration, diverse perspectives, quality artwork and hard science. Their mission is to explore ways public and participatory art can inform dialog in the U.S. about predicted effects of climate change and ways to mitigate the damage, creating motivated communities inspired to action.

Open projects:


For our own organisation, we are looking for Outreach & Matchmaking volunteers! Read about all that here.

Overview: 10 new projects posted in June

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