Overview: 4 new projects posted in July
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3 aug, 2021

Overview: 4 new projects posted in July

In July, 4 new projects were posted on Jointly. Here's a list of the projects, categorized per non-profit with a quick explanation of their cause. Interested? Click the link and fill in the form on the project page!


Climify is a podcast aimed at helping design educators bring climate science and action into the classroom. Eric Benson, the host, interviews climate experts on how this can happen. It launched in the end of July 26 with a ten episode season one.

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Re-nourish is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides online tools advocating awareness & action for sustainable systems thinking in the communication design community. We are, at the moment, just two people who want to make things better. We believe that ‘good design’ values people, the environment, and improves lives.

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Ki Culture

Ki Culture is a social impact nonprofit (start-up) based in Amsterdam. Their work culture is collaborative, dynamic and fun, and their team is very dedicated to fulfilling the mission of Ki Culture: promoting sustainability through culture.

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Overview: 4 new projects posted in July

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