4 podcast (episode) recommendations for environmental activists
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jul 8, 2020

4 podcast (episode) recommendations for environmental activists

There are numerous environment and climate related podcasts. Below four of our favorites. They are not always directly related to environmentalism, but if you care about our planet they are surely worth the listen! Click on the titles to go directly to the podcasts on Spotify.

1. Ezra Klein's climate series

You might know Ezra Klein as political journalist and co-founder of Vox. He did a short climate series on his podcast The Ezra Klein Show. In five episodes ranging from 1 - 2 hours he spoke with climate scientist Kate Marvel, marine biologist Dr. Ayana Elizabeth, energy expert Saul Griffith, geo-engineering expert Jane Flegal, and climate journalist Dave Roberts.

The goal of this series is to discover what science can tell us and what it means for our lives, politics, and future. It is a great introduction to climate change. Click on the title above to go to the first episode! Ezra Klein also interviewed Varshini Prakash, co-founder of the Sunrise Movement, earlier in his podcast. That episode is also worth a listen!

2. Hot Take

This podcast by Climate journalist Amy Westervelt and Mary Annaïse Heglar is all about intersectional, critical, and constructive climate coverage. Previous episodes covered Greenwashing, journalism and activism, and Elon Musk.

3. Upstream

Economics is an important facet of environmentalism and climate change. Our capitalistic growth mindset resulted in the economy that is causing a lot of problems at the moment. The Upstream podcast talks about the future of economics through interviews with experts. Not all episodes are relevant for environmentalists, but some are. For example, check out interviews with:

- Kate Raworth, writer of Doughnut Economics (Apr. 3, 2017)
- Jason Hickel, writer of Less is More and The Divide (May 23, 2017 + May 29, 2020)
- Dr. Ha Vinh To, Gross National Happiness Centre Bhutan (Feb 8, 2106)

4. Costing The Earth

With 27 minutes, Costing The Earth has relatively short episodes. Every episode journalist Tom Heap talks about different areas of working towards a greener planet. Veganism, forests, flooding, plastic, art, every aspect happens. As the podcast is British, some episodes are based on problems in the UK, but most of the time these subjects apply to all countries.

4 podcast (episode) recommendations for environmental activists

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