5 articles on racism, white supremacy, and the climate crisis
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jun 4, 2020

5 articles on racism, white supremacy, inequality, and the climate crisis

A lot of articles about climate change and racism were published over the last few days. These pieces describe how the cause of the climate crisis is racist, the racist history of environmentalism, that we can not create a sustainable world without being anti-racist, and more. They are a must-read for every environmentalist; which  is why we created a to-read list of 5 of them.

I’m a black climate expert. Racism derails our efforts to save the planet.

Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, The Washington Post (reading time: 7.5 minutes)

'How can we expect black Americans to focus on climate when we are so at risk on our streets, in our communities, and even within our own homes?' is the important question that marine biologist Ayana Elizabeth Johnson asks in this article. Next to this, she explains how people of colour disproportionately bear climate impacts and that you should be actively anti-racist if you care about a habitable planet. Read

Black Environmentalists Talk About Climate and Anti-Racism

Somini Sengupta, New York Times (reading time: 7 minutes)

This article displays the thoughts of three prominent environmental defenders about the climate movement and anti-racism. They talk about how the climate crisis is a manifestation of structural violence, the carbon footprint of the rich, and what an anti-racist climate movement looks like. Read

The climate movement's silence

Emily Atkin, Heated.world (reading time: 12 minutes)

Environmentalism has a racist history. While there has been some progress, it is still true today. This article talks about the silence of many high-profile climate groups and activists, experiences with racism in current mainstream environmentalism, and sums up many instances of how statements from climate justice activists  about racism sound off. Read

People of color experience climate grief more deeply than white people

Nylah Burton,Vice (reading time: 11 minutes)

Colonialism, and thus white supremacy, was the first step to the climate crisis. When ecological disasters happen, white people often receive resources first. Nylah Burton uses these, and countless more, arguments why the climate crisis hits people of color harder. Read

The climate crisis is racist. The answer is anti-racism

Eric Holthaus, The Correspondent (reading time: 3 minutes)

Eric Holthaus lives in St. Paul, a neighbouring city of Minneapolis. His Twitter has been very active during the last week; he describes the current development of the protests in Minneapolis, gives practical information on how to help others, talks about defunding the police, and offered to cover rent for people in need. In this newsletter, he talks about how Climate Change is racist because the system that caused it is racist and states that anti-racism is the only right answer. Read

5 articles on racism, white supremacy, and the climate crisis

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