Report Q2: the numbers of our second quarter
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jul 29, 2021

Report Q2: the numbers of our second quarter

In these posts, we report on how things are going with Jointly: the connections we are making the ideas that are being generated, and the new people that we have welcomed to our team.


  • 21 new projects online  
  • We connected 14+ potential volunteers with non-profits
  • We welcomed 20 new community members
  • 900+ unique users visited the website


  • We have connected 9 nonprofits with Dutch universities for projects
  • Forrest, Mary Rose, and David, joined the team!
  • Mary Rose took over our environmental book club
  • We helped Greenstand recruit some volunteers for their machine learning team!
  • In a very short time span, we found a great graphic design volunteer for Climate Arts, who designed materials for an upcoming exhibition.


  • The sign-up rate for our community has been growing exponentially, that is why we are completely rethinking and recreating our community right now. We can hopefully tell you all about this new community at the end of August.
  • As our audience are individuals that want to make a positive impact on our planet, we are planning to release more helpful articles about how you can save our planet and bundle them into a guide. The first articles are already done, we hope to update you about this at the end of August!
  • We are very keen on telling you more about the valuable connections that we are making, expect stories about they matches we made soon!
  • At the moment, Jointly runs on zero funds at all. The sole reason we can do what we do is our great team of volunteers. In the third quarter of 2021, we will look more at how to finance this operation.
Report Q2: the numbers of our second quarter

Douwe van Schie

Founder | Designer | Operations
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