We started an environmental book club, join us!
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feb 11, 2021

We started an environmental book club, join us!

Today our environmental book club, Reading Jointly, is live! Read a book every month and discuss it with like-minded people from all over the globe. The themes of the books will range from climate justice to ecology and biodiversity. Everyone can join, it's completely free.

How it works

This March we start with Less Is More by Jason Hickel. In Less Is More, economic anthropologist Jason Hickel writes about how capitalism is leading us to climate breakdown and ecological collapse and how degrowth the only solution to this the month we will post multiple discussion threads, so people can have a text-based discussion on parts of the book. We end the month with a video call, you sign up for this separately. Read more on all this on the book club page.

Join us!

Fill in the form below or check the form on the book club page! If you join the book club, you will get an e-mail every time a new discussion thread is posted, the new book for the following month is announced, or when you can sign up for the video call.

We started an environmental book club, join us!

María José Ternero

Book Club Lead
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