11 Great Twitter Accounts for Environmentalists to Follow
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feb 10, 2021

11 Great Twitter Accounts for Environmentalists to Follow

Twitter is a great tool for keeping yourself updated on environmentalism and climate change. Below are some scientists, writers, activists, and journalists that we personally follow. These people tweet about climate injustices, social justice issues, capitalism, and how we can fix our world.


1. Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, @ayanaeliza

Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson is a marine biologist, co-founded a think tank for coastal cities, is a co-host of a climate change podcast, and is the co-editor of the book All We Can Save. Next to keeping you up to date on her amazing projects, Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson provides good critique on current happenings from a climate- and social justice perspective.

2. Peter Kalmus, @ClimateHuman

Peter Kalmus is a climate scientist. He also founded a project that creates climate ads (Climate Ad Project) and co-founded an app that helps you take individual steps to reduce your impact (Earth Hero). Next to tweeting about climate change, he is open about how the effect that climate change and social injustices can have on your mental health.

3. Kate Marvel, @DrKateMarvel

Out of these three scientists, Dr. Kate Marvel's tweets are most focussed purely on the issue of climate change. As a climate scientist at the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies and Columbia University she gives very insightful comments on current developments and research in the climate sphere.


4. Emily Atkin, @Emorwee

With her bold and outspoken climate newsletter called HEATED, Emily Atkin covers the climate change debate. The newsletter's website says it all: "for people who are pissed off about the climate crisis". The newsletter is mainly focussed on the injustices that are going on in the world, the same is happening in her tweets.

5. Erik Holthaus, @EricHolthaus

Erik is a climate journalist and meteorologist. Like Emily Atkin, Erik Holthaus also has a newsletter. Contrary to Emily, he focusses more on the solutions and salvation side of the climate debate. On his Twitter he is quite open about how the climate crisis affects his mental health, if you are experiencing the same following his account can be quite helpful.

6. Mary Annaïse Heglar, @MaryHeglar

With her podcast and newsletter HOT TAKE, together with @amywestervelt, Mary Annaïse Heglar mainly talks and writes about climate justice.

7. Julian Brave NoiseCat, @Jnoisecat

Julian Brave NoiseCat has advised Members of Congress and Presidential candidates on racial justice, climate policy and economic inequality. Follow his account to get valuable insights about social justice issues and the necessity of the knowledge indigenous peoples in the climate debate.

Young climate activists

7. Alexandria Villaseñor, @Alexandriav2005

Founder of EarthUprising and activist Alexandria Villaseñor tweets about climate activism and gives great insights about what climate change means for the next generations.

9. Leah Namugerwa, @Namugerwaleah

As an environment, climate, and child rights activist and team leader at Fridays For Future from Uganda, Leah Namugerwa gives great insights in social justice and climate issues in Africa and the Friday For Future school strikes.


10. Jason Hickel, @JasonHickel

Economic anthropologist, Jason Hickel, wrote two fantastic books that intersect with the climate crisis. In his second, Less Is More, he criticises the current Western system and traces a clear pathway to a post-capitalist economy. Jason Hickel's tweets range from brilliant quotes from his books to thoughtful blogs on current events, which often refer to the ecological crisis.

11. Naomi Klein, @NaomiAKlein

Canadian writer, journalist and activist Naomi Klein has written numerous books. From No Logo, which criticised the power of multinationals, to This Changes Everything, which describes how capitalism caused the climate crisis. Her 7th book On Fire, a collection of essays, focusses on climate change and makes the case for a Green New Deal.

11 Great Twitter Accounts for Environmentalists to Follow

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