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Discover why we started Jointly and our six principles

Jointly is build on six principles. These principles express what we stand for and describe our daily and future goals.
More and more people becoming getting aware of the devastating effects of humanity on our planet. This is a good, and absolutely needed, development but it is not enough. What we need is people who are not only aware of the state of our home planet but also want to take action. People who are passionate about fighting the Climate Crisis. People who want to fight for the species that are bound to go extinct. People that want to dedicate their time to save our home planet. Fortunately, we live in a digital age. An age where everyone can take action.

At the same time, the connectedness of the world is growing exponentially. This opens one big promising door: remote skill-based volunteering. When collaborating digitally, postal codes or working schedules do not matter. A graphic designer based in Northern America can efficiently communicate with grassroots movements on the other side of the globe. A web developer from Europe does not have to travel to Tahiti to contribute to the restoration of their corals. Everyone can act, no matter where you are based.

That's why Jointly exists. A platform that connects people all around the globe, so we can restore our home planet together.

We have one goal: restoring our home planet

We put our planet above financial gain and organisational growth. Restoring our home planet the number one priority. With every decision we make, we will always ask: "How does this contribute to the restoration or our home planet?".  

We are convinced that happiness results from what you give.

We are convinced that truly giving from the heart fills your life with joy and makes you feel inner satisfaction. It provides an intrinsic reward that is far more valuable than any external reward.

We believe in constant self improvement and complete transparency

This platform is far from perfect and will never be perfect. We are constantly looking for improvements and will ask your help with this. We make this journey as transparent as possible by explaining why we made certain choices and regularly releasing a report on our current standings.

We stimulate Artistic Freedom for the volunteers.

We believe that volunteers perform better when they get freedom in their work. They are the ones with knowledge about their field of work, they are the professional.

We think that remote working is the future of work

By making sure that every project on Jointly can be completed remotely, volunteers can look for projects outside of their zip code. By ensuring this, the chance on a match between a volunteer and an environmental initiative increases astronomically.

We believe that everyone deserves an equal chance

We will never work with sponsored posts or an algorithm that favors paid users. A small initiative from the Majority World gets exactly the same chance to find a fitting match as a big western NGO with a huge cash flow.
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