Social Media Marketer

Abundant Earth Foundation
Social Media Marketer | Abundant Earth Foundation
1-2h a week
>1 month


For our social media channels, we are looking for someone that can help create and execute a social media marketing strategy. We will plan out an annual marketing strategy that will be broken down into monthly goals with individual tactics. We are currently using Facebook (±1760 followers), Twitter (±60 followers), Instagram (±450 followers), and Linkedin (±85 followers). A basic understanding of digital marketing strategy is preferred. General understanding of Permaculture and regenerative ways of living is a plus for messaging and sharing the stories of the projects we support.


Abundant Earth Foundation is a nonprofit organization creating partnerships between funders and grassroots projects who are creating solutions to benefit local communities through programs that support regenerative food security, education, gender equality, climate action, decent work, and economic growth. 

We fund projects around the world that are using permaculture, regenerative agriculture, and social entrepreneurial efforts to make a great impact at local and global levels. Our work is funded through grassroots philanthropy, and we invite everyone to join and pool resources to have even more impact. Contributions large and small add up to significant solutions. There is power in numbers, and together we can make a huge difference.