Graphic- and webdesign

Climate Fiction Writers League
Graphic- and webdesign | Climate Fiction Writers League
2 - 6 hours


At the moment, Climate Fiction Writers League does not have a distinctive branding. We are looking for someone who can help us with branding (logo, color usage, fonts, press packs, et cetera). It would also be great if you have the skills to implement these changes in our website, which is currently built in WordPress ( In the future, there will be other things to design. For example, we are planning to create printable learning resources for schools, such as worksheet templates, which will need cohesive branding. If we are both enthusiastic about the collaboration, future projects could arise.


We are a group of authors who believe in the necessity of climate action. Fiction is one of the best ways to inspire passion, empathy and action in readers. Our works raise awareness of climate change, and encourage action at the individual, corporate and government levels.

With 100+ authors, the Climate Fiction Writers League website is an extensive database of climate fiction writers around the world. The website gives a clear overview of where writers are located to allow people looking for a speaker to see who is available in a certain area, and breaks down their novels into genres and age categories. The writers publish bi-weekly essays and interviews showcasing upcoming titles (see, on topics such as Geoengineering in Poetry, Designing a Solarpunk City and Rising Sea Levels in near-future fiction.

At the moment the league is a small, newly-established operation, but it is fast-growing. For example, the newsletter already has 400 readers after just 2 months.