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Determine for yourself


The Climate Just Collective is a free-flowing, organic Network with the aim to inspire individual and collective action towards an inclusive and equitable future for all. At the Collective anyone and everyone has the opportunity to lead their own initiative. From our guest contributors’ initiatives to start a Book Club, create a mentorship scheme, and develop a newsletter, the possibilities are endless. Get in touch with your idea and we’ll do our best to support you.


Established in June 2020, we saw the need to create a platform to bridge the concepts, practices, and emerging issues within climate justice.  We believe that sustainable development will not be achieved without a genuine focus on justice. Climate change is inextricably linked to social, racial, and economic inequities, amongst others. In the fight against climate change and environmental degradation, we must commit to justice, to inclusivity, and to intersectionality; to the people as well as the planet. And we must commit to collective action. We must ensure that all voices are represented, recognised, and heard in the transition towards an equitable future for all.