Country Leads

8-16h a month
>3 months


We are expanding the Jointly team with a close team of Country Leads: individuals that represent Jointly in their country. You will contact environmental non-profit initiatives in your country to see if they can use help from online volunteers. People that help them with fundraising, marketing, IT, or anything that they don't have the knowledge or resources to solve themselves. You will also activate your network to join our community and see if you can find partnerships with other non-profits. You will get a personal Jointly email address and a spot on our team page. We will provide you with marketing material, standard emails and texts that you use and translate if necessary, we will always be available for possible questions, and we will host a monthly video call with all Jointly's Country Leaders to keep you up to date about Jointly's progress, talk about our successes and challenges, and ask feedback from the country leaders.


Jointly is this very platform you're looking at! It enables everyone to have a positive impact by volunteering online for environmental non-profit initiatives. Online volunteering is volunteering from any location, by using your laptop or computer. On Jointly's website, you can find projects submitted by environmental non-profit initiatives from all over the globe or join our community of online volunteers. Jointly is not the first platform that promotes online volunteering, but it is the only platform that has a complete focus on the environment. Next to this, it is free for all parties involved.