Web Design

E&U For The Climate

Web Design | E&U For The Climate
2 - 4 h/w
4 - 6 months


The E&U For The Climate website can use a makeover. Currently, there is quite a gap between our Instagram content design and website design, with the Instagram content looking more fresh and dynamic. We would like to connect with a web designer who can give the website a makeover and ideally also implement these designs. The website is built in Wordpress. Within this project, you will work closely with the three founders of E&U For The Climate.


E&U For The Climate is an environmental youth-led initiative. Their mission is built on three pillars bridging inclusive sustainability, environmental action, and global justice. In the face of the threatening nature of the environmental crisis, they hope to catalyse solutions for positive change. The first pillar is to empower the individual agent of change, the next is to translate words into action, the last is to reframe the climate crisis as a justice and human rights issue.