Front End Developer

Ki Culture
Front End Developer | Ki Culture
4-8 h/week
>2 months


We are looking for a Front End Developer with UX background to add to our growing team of volunteers. Here is an overview of the responsibilities:

  • Designing The Ki Part & all additional pages/functionality in collaboration with the rest of the design team with UX and the Ki Culture customer journey in mind.
  • Developing custom Wordpress themes
  • Overseeing domain & hosting related issues
  • Checking up on the website's & KI Port's health statuses
  • Coordinating the Ki Port user journey & handing out design & content tasks to the rest of the team.

Do you have strong UX design skills, knowledge of current trends, a background in Wordpress/PHP development, experience with creating GDPR & WCAG compliant sites, and project management skills? Please send us a message with a little information about yourself, your cv, and experience. We are looking forward hearing from you!


Ki Culture is a social impact nonprofit (start-up) based in Amsterdam. Our work culture is collaborative, dynamic and fun, and our team is very dedicated to fulfilling the mission of Ki Culture: promoting sustainability through culture.