Live Translators & Professional Typists

One time assignment


The Global Regeneration CoLab is an unincorporated entity registered on Open Collective. It's a collaborative network for planetary regeneration. It is now one year old and has just under 500 members around the world, with a concentrated membership in Northern America due to the founding being in California.


For our event POSSIBLE FUTURES ( We are seeking a live translator or professional typist(s) to help us translate Portuguese into English - and also English into Portuguese. We are holding a 4h event where we will need a minimum of: live Portuguese-to-English speech translation live English-to-Portuguese speech translation Our ideal needs: Live stenographer/typist (Portuguese) Live stenographer/typist (English) We may be able to offer percentage compensation depending on how ticket sales go! This means we need your help - yes, that's you reading this right now - in publicising this event within your networks (: Please do share the event link widely: