Outreach & matchmaking


Outreach & matchmaking | Jointly
2-6 hours/week
Long term


We are creating a small and dynamic outreach & matchmaking team to scale up our activities. In this position, you will contact and meet with nonprofits all over the globe, create volunteering projects for these nonprofits, and find suitable volunteers for them.

Of course, we will guide you through this process. We will give you a short training on how to approach your tasks. Next to this, you will work closely with our founder Douwe and coordinator Alex and will have a small team you can discuss with.

In this position, you are really making a change. We mainly aim to help small nonprofits that do not have resources to cover all aspects of marketing, web-related work, design, and more. By helping them finding suitable volunteers, we accelerate their journey in reaching their missions.


Jointy is the website you are looking at right now. With Jointly, we connect online volunteers with nonprofits that help save our planet. Read more about our organisation here. We started in the summer of 2020 and are currently working on smoothing out our processes and scaling up. We work in a dynamic team of about 8 - 10 volunteers who all spend a few hours a week working on Jointly, next their study or (freelance) work.