Fundraising campaigner

Fundraising campaigner | Refarmers
>1 month
1-3 hours/week


Brainstorm fun ways to fundraise! In this volunteering role, you have the freedom to conceptualize creative ways to fundraise activities and execute them. For example, we did a great fundraising campaign in which we enabled people to send Christmas cards last Christmas. Of course, you are also free to explore the more conventional fundraising options, but we definitely encourage you to get creative to keep it fun. Within this role, you will work with the founder of Refarmers.


Refarmers use small-scale regenerative food growing as a catalyst to create positive environmental and social change. They work with schools, organizations, and a network of local partners to create long-term regenerative agriculture solutions that empower people. They work on multiple projects all over the globe. For example, currently they have permaculture projects in Uganda but are also working on a food forest in Vancouver.