SEO | Refarmers
>1 month
1-2 hours/week


The SEO of the Refarmers website is not set-up completely, that is why we are looking for someone who can create an SEO strategy and implement this on our website. This could mean filling in the metadata, giving tips on how to restructure pages, and giving advice on where to use which specific words. When you Google us in some countries, another Refarmers sits at the first spot. For example, in Canada we have the first spot, but in France we sit at the second. We would love to overtake them in the ranking so our non-profit sits at the first spot when you Google us from every location. Within this project, you will communicate with Refarmers founder. The website is built in WordPress.


Refarmers use small-scale regenerative food growing as a catalyst to create positive environmental and social change. They work with schools, organizations, and a network of local partners to create long-term regenerative agriculture solutions that empower people. They work on multiple projects all over the globe. For example, currently they have permaculture projects in Uganda but are also working on a food forest in Vancouver.