One Resilient Earth
English (German)
Long Term
±10 hours/week


For two projects, One Resilient Earth is looking for a researcher assistant who is familiar with international organisations, frameworks, and governance in relation to climate change, biodiversity conservation, ecosystem restoration, human rights and international cooperation. The first project is related to supporting a refugee settlement in Uganda in scaling up their educational activities to foster regenerative agriculture in East Africa. The second project has to do with Indigenous Peoples rights, biosphere reserves, intangible cultural heritage and ecosystem restoration. For both, basic knowledge of international law would be helpful, and familiarity with critical race theory would be an asset.


One Resilient Earth’s mission is to grow the resilience of individuals, organizations, and communities to the impacts of climate change, so that they can retain their agency despite climate instability, and are fully equipped to respond to the crisis through transformation and regeneration. They focus on new questions and inspiration through Tero magazine; local action and global connection through the Tapestry programme for resilient local communities; open dialogues, responsible experimentation, and life-long learning through their Resilience Nests; and advocacy through their Waves of Change programme.