Rising Earth News
Marketing | Rising Earth News
1-5 h/w
4 - 6 months


Marketing is still a largely unexplored area within Rising Earth News. We have social media covered, but there are still many areas within marketing that need attention. That is why we’re looking for a Marketeer to create and implement a marketing strategy. For example; look at our website’s SEO performance and improve this; think about collaborations and partnerships with blogs/podcasts; content marketing; setting up a newsletter. This all with the goal of expanding our reach.

Experience or education in (digital) marketing is required. We’re looking for creative thinkers who have a passion for inspiring climate action, have good time-management skills, and work well as part of a team.

You will work in a team made up of young, passionate, and like-minded individuals who want to inspire positive change; you will learn insights into the start-up of social enterprises; you will meet experienced, inspiring contacts in the environmental sector.


Rising Earth News is a student-led platform dedicated to telling the stories of the incredible individuals, communities, and businesses around the world that are pioneering a sustainable future and catalyzing social change. We position ourselves as an entirely positive news channel; by showing our viewers that the solutions to the climate crisis are not only possible, but already exist, we aim to inspire our viewers to take action themselves and provide guidance for this.