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>1 month
1-3 hours/week


We are looking for someone to manage our Social Media channels, and potentially to consult on website content. Currently, we have footage from different projects that can be cut up in smaller fragments and communicated on social channels. For example, the dance we commissioned, performance workshops and concepts we hosted, art cards we’ve collected and examples of evocative climate art from around the world . This can all be pre-planned in a social planning tool.


Climate Arts Foundation, a non-profit seeking to create participatory and public art works of integrity, surprise and impact, working in collaboration with educators, artists and communities. We value local voices, genuine collaboration, diverse perspectives, quality artwork and hard science. Our mission is to explore ways public and participatory art can inform dialog in the U.S. about predicted effects of climate change and ways to mitigate the damage, creating motivated communities inspired to action.

Our current need is fundraising around the  Climate Acts (™) Wildfire Awakening public performance/flash mob we plan for October 2021 in Grass Valley and/or Nevada City, CA.. Our team includes professional theatre director, artistic director, performers, musicians  and the dance company that created a 3:00 new work that is also Act One of the four act performance this fall- see here.