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Surf and Nature Alliance
Graphic Designer | Surf and Nature Alliance
English (Spanish is a plus)
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One-Time assignment


We need to spread the word and let people know what we do. We have just gathered some information about our initiative and would like to turn this into a flyer/triptych, we will provide all the texts (in English and Spanish) and images. This flyer is a one-time assignment, but there is an option to continue working on a constant pipeline of future design-related projects.


We fight the constant degradation of our seas, coasts, and waves to achieve sustainable development in the face of threats to natural heritage, local resources, and cultural identity of many coastal communities. The absolute extinction of some of the most emblematic waves on the planet and constant threats to many others sounded the alarms and encouraged us to provide innovative solutions through scientific, cultural, sustainable coastal development and conservation programs, campaigns, and direct actions across the globe. The Surf and Nature Alliance is based in Spain and Chile and is formed by an intercultural network of surfers and ocean lovers, in which activists, scientists, academics, ambassadors, and supporters are committed to creating a change. We have been working for more than 10 years to protect the marine environment and its surf breaks, in May 2017 we formally constituted ourselves as an NGO.