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Our organization is dependent on voluntary work on our project island Boa Vista, Cape Verde. The annual season goes from June until October. In this, we need volunteers that come to the island in order to help the locals with conservation work. We need someone to advertise this volunteer program more efficiently than we are doing it at the moment. How this advertisement looks like is up to the professional. The main thing should be that the measures work and that there will be more volunteers.


The Turtle Foundation is an international association of closely cooperating organizations for the protection of sea turtles and their habitats. The Foundation is primarily operational and currently has three sea turtle conservation projects in Indonesia and one in the Republic of Cape Verde. In addition to the direct protection of the nesting beaches by rangers and volunteers, the Turtle Foundation carries out accompanying measures such as local and international educational work, environmental education and help to secure the livelihoods of the local population in the project areas. For the first time in the history of the Turtle Foundation, since summer 2019 we have also been conducting a nationwide information campaign to combat the trade in tortoise shell products in Indonesia. The products are made from the horn scales of the massively endangered hawksbill turtle. Other planned activities include environmental education, public relations work, investigation and official cooperation on infringements of applicable nature conservation laws and representation of interests towards the government, authorities and other interest groups.