Tree tagger

Tree tagger | Greenstand
>5 hours/week
4-6 months


We are currently building a team of tree taggers to verify global reforestation projects and accelerate Greenstand’s machine learning team. The Tree tagger will help us review, verify, tag and label tree images. Thousands of pictures of young trees are uploaded to our verification platform. We need help figuring out what species the trees are by using theComputer Vision Annotation Tool (CVAT), a web-based image and video annotation tool which we use for tagging tree images for the development of advanced machine learning algorithms. We will train you in CVAT and our technical platform. This is a great opportunity for an interested individual to get their foot in the door of an annotation program.


  • In this role, you will be asked to analyze tree images based on their leaf patterns, locations and accurately label/tag them using CVAT.
  • You will work as part of a team to integrate CVAT with our Admin Panel web application in order to complete the tree verification process.
  • You will review various images on the computer and classify them according to their types of species and attach tags.


  • Be passionate about trees, species identification, and machine learning algorithms.
  • Must be comfortable using computers and learning anew program/tool
  • Detail-oriented, organized, and quality-focused
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Expecting at least 3+hours in a week, 5+ preferred.
  • Strong communication skills.

What you get in return

  • Exposure to machine learning expertise to better understand how the labels are used to train learning algorithms
  • Letter confirming your volunteer hours and projects
  • Professional reference(s)
  • Valuable experience & leadership opportunities
  • Engagement with a team of global professionals


Greenstand is a U.S.-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization developing open-source technology to address climate change and alleviate poverty through digitizing environmental goods and services. Our Treetracker app verifies and tracks individual trees, thus creating transparency in the reforestation sphere. Organizations and donors can locate individual trees and trade their ecological impact. By facilitating the ownership of trees and their ecological services, Greenstand allows for tree-growing organizations to stay accountable.

Greenstand develops mobile technology for better forestation techniques. Through our Treetracker app, rural smallholder farmers in some of the most remote communities on the planet are able to earn a sustainable income by planting, caring for, and tracking trees. Each tree grower takes a geotagged photo of their tree and uploads it to the Treetracker’s verification system, where Greenstanders verify that each photographed tree is alive and growing. Verified trees are digitized as Impact Tokens, which can be traded or sold among other Impact Wallet users within the Treetracker app.

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