About Reading Jointly

An Introduction to Jointly's environmental book club

In an increasingly online world, reading is our best connective technology. That’s why the Reading Jointly Book Club belongs here to strengthen Jointly as an international connector, the grassroots way.

Not an Environmental Reader? 

The Challenge

Even for avid readers like myself, environmental books can appear intimidating or boring and hard to break into. For years, I stared at their covers in bookstores but was reluctant to commit even though I love nature. (Put me outside and I’m happy, but don’t count on me to tell you which mushroom will grant you proteinous sustenance or kill you on the spot.)

The Need

Environmental books are absolutely crucial to learning from our planet’s experts and communicators. Reading and discussing environmental books transforms learning into doing better for our planet.

If we want to save the planet, we need to get people reading environmental books!

The Vision

Reading Jointly bridges the gap between you and your environmental literacy future.

Reading environmental books grows your understanding so that you can learn how to live better for our planet.

Discussing environmental books introduces you to quality relationships with passionate, diverse, and multilingual people.  

Together, Reading Jointly guides environmentalism into your lifestyle, naturally.

And the Fun!

When building this vision, I had no idea how easy and fun it would be to implement. But as soon as I opened my first environmental book, the benefits became obvious. From the first page of every book, the writer’s passion draws the reader in—a passion so big that a whole book had to be written about it. The text isn’t dry or intimidating at all. It’s beautiful and abundant, and I had to share it with a community.  

And what better place than Jointly, which links volunteer talents to environmental initiatives worldwide, to hold this space?

Building Blocks to Reading Jointly


Each month, we’ll journey through a different book together. Like all of us, our books are diverse—spanning all genres and writers of all identities—joined through a common environmental purpose.

No matter who you are and what you know, this is a welcome space to talk about what in the book speaks to you. If one month’s book isn’t your cup of tea, skip it. You choose how much or how little involved you want to be with Reading Jointly.  


Even when they contain heavy topics, our books have positive agendas. Far from ignoring the serious climate issues that demand our attention, a holistic, forward-thinking mindset allows us the healing necessary to address those wrongs and empowers us to solve them. Reading Jointly helps you grow into the person that the world needs.

Your Voice

Questions, comments, and concerns are encouraged so that Reading Jointly can be an asset to you and continually improve.
Email maryrose@jointly.earth