Alexander Binderer

Coordinator | Operations

Since my childhood I’m dedicated to music so after studying music I became a freelance composer and sound designer. After years of seeing the immense issues that the world is facing and struggling to find my way of becoming active I stumbled upon Jointly and was immediately hooked with the idea that people could use their knowledge for a better world. This was a place where I could use my existing skillset and put it to good use. Convinced of the idea I decided to join the team and I’m since then working as a coordinator for Jointly trying to create a good flow for the team.

In my free time I’m also working on becoming active in the field of reforestation as a solution to many of the worlds problems. After a super intense experience fighting fires with a NGO in Borneo’s rainforests, that are set to clear land for palm oil plantations, I have found a place where I want to help in the future.



Meet the Jointly team!
8 minutes
May 18, 2021