Cheryl Kara

Outreach | UX

I work in the music industry and am currently a filmmusic supervisor as well as a music business consultant for emergingartists. Working in the industry has shown me how much of the entertainment industry continues to rely on carbon-intensive methods of conducting business, especially regarding logistics and shipping.

My passion for environmental issues runs deep and has been an area of concern for as long as I can remember. Having studied philosophy at both Bachelor’s and Master’s level, I specialised in Environmental Ethics and am dedicated to finding solutions to combat the climate crisis. I am especially interested in the decarbonisation of the music industry, and am a proponent of gameification solutions that utilise behavioural economics and effective altruism principles to help us achieve our environmental goals as fast as possible.

I am also a front end developer with an interest in UX. I believe that tech solutions will become a crucial component of any real solution to the climate crisis, and am eager to help businesses speed up the digital transition for the betterment of both people and planet.



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