David Shang



No matter where I've lived, the impact of climate change has always been prevalent in my life. I remember when I was in middle school, one of my baseball games had to be cancelled due to unhealthy air pollution (we couldn't even see the ball in the air sometimes!). More than a decade later, climate change is as urgent and pervasive as ever, and the recent wildfires in California have been a wake up call for me to devote more time to combating this issue.

I currently work professionally in fund finance at a tech-focused investment management firm. As someone who has wanted to take action on climate change but has found it daunting to know where and how I can volunteer my skills, I was immediately captivated by Jointly's mission and platform! I believe connecting the many innovative grassroots initiatives with passionate individuals who want to contribute is an important piece of the climate change puzzle. I'm excited to help the Jointly team obtain funding to support and expand this growing platform.



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