Douwe van Schie

Founder | Designer | Operations

In the last few years, I became increasingly aware of the state of our home planet. To help restore the planet, I decided to devote time volunteering with my graphic design skills. After emailing quite a few environmental non-profits, offering my work for free, I finally found an initiative that needed my skills. But I felt that this process should have been easier. I wondered why couldn't I find a website that made it easy for me to connect with an environmental non-profit?

So I decided to create it myself, that's how Jointly came to be.My main role at Jointly is making sure everything runs smoothly: improve the platform, administrative work, coordinating the team, et cetera. Next to this, I am also responsible for the website and design. Writing is something I like to do in my free time, so sometimes you will see a piece written by me on the journal page. ‍