Mary Rose Bernal

Book Club Lead | Content

I took in the best splendor that the natural world had to offer in New Zealand, then took a plane home to the United States and landed in the middle of political warfare and an explosion of disease; the magnitude of which doubled by the day. What bothered me most was how little everyone around me seemed to care, and how pervasive cheap communication had become. As a young adult needing to put my time into a purpose, I turned to the passions that have supported me so far: nature, mental health, and the written word.

Today I am privileged to say that the earth is my boss, and I return the gift by working as best as I can. Through grant writing, content optimization, copywriting, and editing, I advocate for healthy people on a healthy planet. By word of mouth I found Jointly, and the international reach with a grassroots feel had me hooked.

This is the time for environmental humanities. If we’re going to save the world, we need to spread the word. I’m managing the Reading Jointly book club, which brings bookies from every career field and every country together to discuss the words that move us and have a little fun fighting for our planet. I hope you’ll join and recommend our next great read!

Mary Rose