Alex Binderer

English, German, Indonesian
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Composer and Sound Designer
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Since my childhood, I'm dedicated to music. After playing guitar and piano in numerous bands I decided to study music production and since then I'm all into writing music and creating sound design. After years of seeing the immense issues that the world is facing but struggling to find my way of becoming active, I had a super intense experience - a wake-up call. Being in Borneo working with an NGO fighting fires in the rainforests that are set to clear land for palm oil plantations I found my calling. I'm working on becoming more active in the field of reforestation but on the other hand, I want to use my existing skillset and put it to good use. I have founded my own company in 2011 and have worked in the industry since then gaining lots of experience in writing music and designing sounds for trailers, films, and other media.

I'm open to compose music or design sounds for trailers, films, web videos, campaigns, etc. I'm also experienced in sound editing, mixing and mastering of audio so I can help getting things in place and optimizing them for the most spatial impact. Software: Studio One, Logic Pro X