Angelica Hernandez

Angelica Hernandez

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Graphic designer, editing
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Hello, I am a senior college student from Washington state with dual interests in art, video editing, and preserving the environment, specifically in relevance to bringing awareness to ethical and environmentally conscious business practices. Although art and film has been a life long interest, environmental advocacy has been a passion of mine since taking horticulture in highschool and participating in forrestry events like Washington State Envirothon and FFA (Future Farmers of America).

Thanks to my wonderful horticulture teacher from highschool (who himself is a farmer), I have experience working in a local green house as retail and as a planter, participated in state envirothon (A competition in which students must solve current, real world environmental problems that require knowledge in forestry, eco conscious farming practices and good land stewardship), and working with and caring for live animals. A favorite opportunity of mine was participating in local salmon run which was both culturally enriching and brought to my attention that the welfare of animals, humans and the environment are not mutually exclusive.

From these experiences as well as being a vegetarian myself (for over a decade now, yay!), I have an interest in health and its correlation with the food/farming industry as well as how ecofriendlier diets can impact small communities, improve personal and mental health as well as bring awareness to consumer culture. The concept of food desserts in a first world country is one that troubles me but is a an unfortunate reality here in the US. There is a very strong link between poverty and poor health, however healthy diets especially those that are eco conscious are a luxury not available to most Americans and this is something that I will forever wish I can help aid in any form or at least bring attention to.

I am currently studying at Digipen Institute of Technology for a bachelor's in fine arts. I work proficiently with adobe photoshop, autodesk maya, and adobe premiere as video editor and 2d/3d artist and would love to dedicate my skills in the spread of environmental advocacy and how communities can improve their health, become aware of good business practices and supporting those practices and environmentally conscious companies as consumers.