Arjun Mehta

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Product Manager | Technologist
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I've always been fantasized by ideating and implementing solutions at scale for the better sake of this planet, and would love to help people with similar goals. I've journeyed through many different fields in my academic and professional life, including Economics, Law, Computer Science, UI/UX, Marketing, and Management. My past experience involves scaling my apps to a million+ users from scratch, end-to-end software integration with large enterprises, and research projects with central government organizations. What I've loved the most however is my current role, where I'm working with a powerful, vision-driven team that's focused on building text-free digital interfaces that enable low literate users from rural regions access to financial and healthcare services.

My professional focus has revolved around end-to-end Product Management with a background in Conversational AI and Vernacular UX driven, B2C and B2B2C products. My experience has strongly acquainted me with techniques and frameworks for product Ideation, Planning, Strategy, Forecasting, Cloud/On-prem DevOps, Software Architecture, Cross-functional Team Management, and Agile Methodologies.