Ben Dunn Flores

English and Spanish
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UX/Systems Designer
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Currently working for a startup that prevents water leaks, while setting up a startup building a user-driven library for underserved communities. I'm fascinated by the prospect of using a simple product to solve a complex problem, from a large research base. I led Enactus - a student society overseeing a variety of social impact projects, requiring a keen business sense, augmented by my design skills. I am particularly interested in people-oriented projects, improving people's lives through a better environment, and more sustainable practices. I can devote 2-4 hours a week on these projects, more if it's particularly interesting! Enough for me to design a couple of options one week, and discuss and build the next.

Landing page design (translating key value propositions into engaging text and content, to turn clicks into customers/donators) UX/usability for apps, web apps, and websites Systems design (using an app to mediate a wider system, explicitly designed to solve a social problem while being profitable) Key Skills: landing page design, research & report writing; concept generation Building: Bootstrap Studio Designing: Figma, Adobe XD, Framer, paper prototyping Usability: User trials, workshops Business: Business Model Canvas, Lean, Agile