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Bianca Pasternack

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Skills: Visual design, graphic design, digital product design. Also experience in marketing and copywriting - not my main skills, but helpful in the design process.

I live in NYC. I wan to volunteer because I need to do SOMETHING about the climate crisis. I'm not a scientist or entrepreneur, but I can support their work by helping them communicate.

My background is in nonprofit marketing and fundraising. In my previous job, I did a lot of graphic design for marketing materials. I'm also really interested in the communication and behaviour change side of design, so I've transitioned into a product design role at a privacy tech startup.

At the moment, I primarily work in Sketch, but I also have extensive experience using Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator. I do not have web development skills, but I can use SquareSpace or a similar website builder.

I love dogs, chocolate, chai, improv, podcasts, and composting!

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