Blutus Mbambi

Bemba, Lunda, English
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Climate change activist
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I am Blutus Mbambi from Zambia. At the moment, I am studying Environmental Management systems and I really want to encourage and inspire communities through awareness and addressing environmental issues. I speak English, but also languages as Bemba and Lunda, which could be very useful for initiatives from Zambia for example.

I really want to change the communities, to bring change to the people who want to act and speak out on climate change and environmental issues. I've been working hard to address and conduct research on waste management and climate change, by promoting the gender equality and equity, and promoting public education and awareness to enhance the capacity to address climate change, build capacity in developing innovations and technologies and adoption and utilization of external technologies; by Strengthen the capacity of local technological innovation centers to help strengthen institutional technology generation and transfer through a learning-by-doing approach.