Cade Johnson

Cade Johnson

Cade Johnson

English, and fair Spanish
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Retired environmental engineer
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am concerned about climate change and want to help mitigate the effects. I have a bachelor degree in chemical engineeering from Georgia Tech, 1983, and worked as a professional engineer environmental consultant until retiring in 2001. Then my wife and I did some gigs as school teachers while we traveled by sailboat. We settled down in the Dominican Republic and have been developing a small cacao and avocado farm the past several years. We work together - she is a chemist and a diligent researcher, and we also study the local nature with our project


I think analytically and organize efforts. I ask good questions and help answer them. I like to do technical editing, data analysis (though I am somewhat limited to spreadsheet-level work - but I have the "R" program loaded and I am open to a project where I would need to learn to use it). I think quality assurance is important for any volunteer effort and I would support development, implementation, and training of quality programs.


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