Christopher Boidy

English, Chinese
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Voiceover, Business Strategy
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Chicago native currently living in Beijing. Professional business... generalist? and voiceover artist. I like doing work that makes a positive impact; open to most any cause as long as my skills are a fit.

PROFESSIONAL HIGHLIGHTS During my first week at Fragomen - the world’s largest immigration law firm - I developed (i.e. cobbled together from Reddit and StackOverflow) some crude VBA tools which saved about 350 working hours over the next few months and put me at the head of a workflow automation project which resulted in our team filing 40% more cases in less time and with lower error rates than in previous years. As the head of my department’s global communications team at 17zuoye - a Chinese edtech unicorn - I oversaw the implementation of Zendesk for communication and workflow management for 80+ in-house staff and hundreds of contractors. Through my configurations, we reduced ticket resolution time by 66% and incoming volume by more than 50%. At Ctrip - the world’s 2nd largest online travel agency and parent company of and Skyscanner - spearheaded a first-of-its-kind global ride hailing product. After a successful launch and with almost $0 in marketing spend, bookings grew >100% month over month for the following 2 quarters straight and, 9 months later, Ant Financial made headlines with their copy of this product. PERSONAL HIGHLIGHTS I sang the Chinese pop song “High歌”, the Isabelle Huang version, alone on stage in front of an audience of 800+. I traveled to the Tibetan Plateau with two coworkers and a heap of computer equipment to connect children in a remote village with our global teaching staff. It was a really tough trip, but seeing how excited these kids were to explore one teacher’s neighborhood and sing along with another as he played guitar made it all worthwhile. My voice was used for the start of Alibaba’s 2017 annual gala. I had no idea what I was recording for, so when I opened a video link of the gala and was immediately greeted with my own voice, I was pretty excited.