David Kosakowski

English, Spanish
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Aerospace Engineer, Musician
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I'm a drummer, pianist, engineer, songwriter, programmer, hobbyist, hiker, rock-climber, weightlifter, bicyclist, cook, tree-hugger, waste-reducer, researcher, son, brother, and boyfriend. I think companies should have the entire product lifecycle mapped (recycling and all) before they're allowed to practice and produce products they had no intention of ever making recyclable. I also wait for the day we all grow our own food sustainably in our yards. I'm starting composting and gardening and love it! Until then, I will help make cars more efficient (I work for Fiat) and reduce my own waste emissions.

I've got advanced general computer knowledge (Windows & Linux) and have worked extensively with CAD and 3D printing (Solidworks, AutoCAD, Inventor, and Siemens NX) and some Finite Element Analysis. I can program in Java, C, Rust, C++, HTML, and Python (I'm not too great with Python). I have experience with graphic design/video editing (hobbyist level, nothing professional) I'm a musician/songwriter and find music to be a powerful tool in shaping the world around us. I can do basic electronics (wiring, soldering, etc), basic mechanical work (automotive, woodworking, etc), cooking, baking, and good ol' manual labor. I have done research with composite materials (carbon fiber, fiberglass, kevlar, etc) concerning structure, manufacture, analysis, and more.