Duncan Buisman

Dutch, English
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I am Duncan Buisman, A creative maker with a passion for presenting. I think it is important to enjoy life in freedom, to help people and to develop my creativity. In my vision: A little smurf achieves more in small steps than a giant who doesn't move. That's why I want to make major challenges and problems that humanity faces insightful, visual and practical, so that everyone can do their bit.

I use my passion for speaking and creating to help companies develop new products or services. Due to my innovation education and sales background, I am mainly concerned with finding new opportunities for a company. I do this by collecting ideas from team members, linking them to customer needs and translating these into promising concepts. By working with different disciplines in a team, I have been able to supervise beautiful projects with clients. As Senior Captain of Pepperminds and sales manager of MeerVerkopen, I have also gained a lot of practical experience to be able to realize successful sales.