Hans Lak

Dutch, German, English
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I am 100% THE CONNECTOR on a mission to make a difference! To empower and inspire thriving exponential change, support disruptive technologies to help solve the biggest challenges faced by humankind. Work to accelerate the results achievable by human curiosity, boldness and our ability to continuously imagine, create and accomplish greater things. www.globalgoals.org #Mission2030 I believe in the Power of Social Networking and Tech to help you make a difference! 5000+ Changemakers in my Linkedin Network, Marketing communication, IT- and Sales Background particularly interested in Social Media social networking the Power of the Crowd to CO Create Sustainable CHANGE! Founder One Person CAN Make A Difference, Catalyst for the Global Goals and Enabler of the #PostNormalEra follow @PostNormalEra and download the free E-Book by Ilkka Kakko from the Twitter Bio! Oasis way and the POST NORMAL ERA how understanding #Serendipity will lead you to SUCCESS!

Networking for Sustainable Development power networking that is you can find me in many of the top 500 top 50 rankings for CSR Sustainability SDGs GlobalGoals eMobility you name it... Take a look at my Linkedin Profile and look at the endorsements that might give you an idea https://www.linkedin.com/in/hanslak/ very happy to connect and help you make a BIGGER difference!